Checking in

Ok, in the past year and I half I have put out a few “I’m back” posts. This won’t be one of them. However, in the past 6 weeks I HAVE quit smoking. I HAVE lost nearly 15 pounds. Yesterday I swam my longest swim EVER. I FINALLY rode my bike on Saturday, for a couple of hours, up and down some of the hilliest roads in the area, and felt….. GREAT!!!! 2 sprint triathlons have been added already for 2015. The day early registration opens for REV3 Poconos (Olympic distance) that will be on the calendar. Hopefully Nashville and I will meet again to fight #t1d with those awesome folks that ride with the JDRF.

2014, I’m about done with you. You brought me some healing. You brought me the birth of my wonderful second son. I’m ready to greet 2015 with open arms to be a happier person. A fitter person. A better husband. A better father. A better worker. A better ME!!

I know it’s only November, but I’m ready. (Good thing I still have 6 weeks to improve each and every day!!)

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The Assault on 2014!!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack……. Yesterday I FINALLY climbed back on the trusty old steed (Peachy) and knocked out 14 miles in roughly one hour. My HR was higher than it used to be, my spokes were popping, gears not quite shifting right, but I. Was. SMILING!

Yesterday was also the day of the annual Azalea Triathlon in Wilmington, NC. After the Azalea last year was the last time I saw my Dad. For those that knew him, he LOVED riding his bicycle and shared that passion with so many of us. As I carry that torch, I also carry the torch of the battle against Type One Diabetes by riding with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  This year I am going to go for a late hit on #T1D by hitting it where in hurts in Tucson, AZ, this coming November (and may also plan a surprise ambush at Burlington, VT, at the end of July).

In the past year, since losing Dad, I have significantly lost touch with myself. I pretty much stopped riding. I ate too much (mostly of the wrong foods). I partook of bad habits. I really set myself back a few steps.

In honor and memory of Dad, 2014 is going to be a whole new challenge. With good food choices (including a constant pocketful of Amrita bars) and plenty of exercise I. WILL. GET. FIT!! (again…)

Please take the time and compassion to make a pledge against #TypeONE by visiting my ride page at:

With your help we can turn #TypeONE into #TypeNONE…

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Changing Directions

I know it has been a while since my last post, but it’s been a rough go. I have not been training enough, not been eating right, and not been giving my all. I think that racing is going to stay on the back burner for a while.

My desire to put in the time necessary for triathlon is gone. I want to spend my time with my family without stress.

Here’s the good news… I am going work my way easily back into healthy eating. I am going to spend as much time as I can walking/hiking/camping with my family and friends. It is the time spent with those we love that makes us rich. It is not the things which we acquire through work with define the wealth and richness of our lives.

Eat well, live well, BE well.


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Trying to recover

It has now been nearly a month since Dad’s sudden passing. I have completely gone down the road. Via lack of exercise and poor eating habits, I have gained 10 lbs and earned myself a peptic ulcer and GERD.. Sucks!

I am turning the corner though. I am bringing myself back to a more plant-based lifestyle. I am gradually getting back into my training. I WILL kick T1Ds ass in September. I WILL run my 13.1 in November. I WILL be prepared for my return to triathlon in 2014.

I lost my mother when she was 45 from life long health issues and my father at 61 (would have been 62 on 4/14) due to an unforeseen natural cause. Rather than accepting my fate if a short life, I am going to go down swinging. Healthy food and lifestyle choices. Clean living.

If we can all take something from all of Dad’s teaching. When life gets hard find your inner “peachy” grab the ones you care about and “love bigger.”

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I can’t believe you’re gone. You introduced me to cycling when I was barely walking and you brought me back to cycling when I was smoking so much I was hardly breathing. You have taught me the skills to live a healthier life and I plan to take full advantage of your teachings.

I love and miss you,


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I’m trying


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Getting back on track

Today was definitely on the right track. Stuck to the low fat vegan diet almost completely today. Started with a green smoothie this morning and ended with a vegan portobello burger for dinner. Speaking of which, restaurants should really learn to read their own menus. “Portobello burger with cheese, or without (vegan), aioli tomato and onion.” NEWS FLASH, aioli is made with egg. Dumbasses!! The good news is they let me buy a ramiken of edemame hummus for $1.25. Sadly, the morons put fresh grated Parmesan cheese on top of it. DID I NOT MAKE MYSELF CLEAR THAT I AM A VEGAN??? Ok, I am calm now. Sorry.

On the activity side. Superwife had to work today so I had Judah duty. We had a blast as always. Superwife got home around two, so we were off to the Y. I didn’t have the energy of Friday. I am still sore. In the end I busted out a 150 yard warmup, 6×25 20 r.i., took off my drag suit (I have been wearing a beach suit over my jammers) and cruised a 200 yard cool down. I am starting to understand how to kick while swimming, although I do seem to fall back to a Total Immersion-esque stroke as I get more tired.

Tomorrow will be either an early morning (read as – brrrr) ride or run. Should I fail, I will opt for an afternoon workout. These last two swims have begun to restore my confidence.

Exciting news from Superwife… She has entered her first triathlon!! She will be doing the swim leg of the Azalea triathlon! I am so excited to cheer her on as she has done for me for years!!

Rubber side down. ~Stache

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